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Grab your favorite drink and pull up a chair. If you love real estate, I’m your girl. If you love interior design, I’m your girl. And lastly, if you love online shopping, I’m your girl!

My Favorite Quote!

“Each sunrise brings a new day filled with new hopes for a new beginning.”

Debasish Mridha


I love my family.


I love the lake.


And I love my doodles! –>

how I got Here

Why I Love What I Do

Ever since I was a young girl I have always loved interior design. I think it all started with watching my mom clean the house every weekend, paired with numerous shows on HGTV. After going crazy with paint colors for the walls, DIY projects and not having any clue what I actually liked, I decided it was time to find my design style. Now that I know what I gravitate towards, designing interior spaces is so much fun!

I’ve taken my love of design and coupled it with our real estate adventures. Over the years, my husband and I have built several custom homes. Whether those homes were built for ourselves, to be sold or to be rented, I’ve participated in every detail from the floor plans to the finished product. I love designing around a good theme, making sure to incorporate function and style.

Favorite TV Show

Love is Blind

Favorite Drink

White Chocolate Mocha

Favorite Food


Favorite Animal


Favorite Book

Meet Me at the Lake

Favorite Hobby

Wake Surfing or Skiing

You, My Friend

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If you want to read about the craziness of owning and managing Airbnbs! How to find a good deal on furniture. The best hacks for furnishing (and finishing) a nightly rental in 2 weeks or less. And so much more!

Stay tuned as we share “must haves” and maybe sprinkle in a few posts about life with 3 kids, fun at the lake and family life.